Sleipner – Odins horse

An illustration of Sleipner, Odin's eight-legged horse. A huge, grey horse with silky pearl mane. On a branch a black raven is sitting, perhaps he is Hugin or Munin.
Sleipner – Odins Horse

This is Odins horse Sleipner. He is an eight-legged horse which is faster than any other horse. To the left a black raven is sitting which might be either Huginn or Muninn. Painted in Photoshop.

“I am the mother of Odin’s stallion, Sleipnir. I am the father of Fenrir Sun-Eater, and of Hel Half-Rotted and of Jormungund the World-Serpent. I am Loki Scar-Lip, Loki Skywalker, Loki Giant’s Child, Loki Lie-Smith. I am Loki, who is fire and wit and hate. I am Loki. And I will be under an obligation to no one.” 
― Neil Gaiman, The Kindly Ones

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