Game Project 7: For this project I recorded mocap (both in Vicon and in Xsens), retargeted it and cleaned it up in Motion Builder. I also rigged the Finger Monster with extensions in Motion Builder so that I could animate the fingers and have a more efficient workflow as I otherwise would have had to export my mocap into Maya and then animate the extra limbs in there. One of the most challenging aspects on this project was editing the mocap for the Finger Monsters run and making it look good. We did not capture the fingers in our mocap so I had to keyframe that and how they move when pushing off from the floor. The recorded mocap was often a bit more slow and clumsy than we wanted for our monster which meant it had to be reworked and sped up. This was both a fun challenge and a good opportunity to really get to dig in and work with mocap in a way I never had before.

Permafrost was inspired by the gameplay in Resident Evil 2 but has its own story; “In an arctic lab, shoot and bash your way through your mutated coworkers and use your wits to find your best friend.” If you want to play Permafrost you can download it here.

Some of my work

I have used many of the resources I made for the Finger Monster to make the short Monster Mocap Cinematic. Here I have stitched together Idle and Run mocap with some Eating and Sniffing/Listening mocap to create a small story.

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